Admission and Withdrawals
The minimum age for admission to LKG to Std 1 is completion of 3 and 5 years respectively. Parents desirous of getting their children admitted to the school are requested to get them registered and obtain the prospectus and the application form on payment of Rs. 100/-. Registration, however is no guarantee of admission. The child has to sit for an admission test and appear for an interview on the appointed date and time except in the case of LKG admissions. For admission to LKG there will be an interview with the parents along with the candidates. Admission will be made subject to availability of seats.

Students of UKG who have successfully completed their KG course should seek fresh admission in Std 1.

For this the parents should adhere to the admission date schedule notified by the school. Non adherence can imply that the ward does not need the seat in Std 1. Application forms duly filled in may be submitted on or before the stipulated date along with the original birth certificate and a Xerox copy of it.

Students coming from other schools should bring their transfer certificate duly signed by the AEO/DEO/DDE of the area. New students must be introduced personally by their parents/guardians who will be responsible for their regularity of attendance and payment of dues. Right of admission is reserved with the management in this regard is final.

Admission to the higher classes is subject to availability of seats, performance in the admission test and production of T.C duly countersigned by the educational officer concerned. T.Cs produced from foreign countries must be countersigned by the Indian Embassy of the country concerned.

Admission to Class XI will normally be taken up after the declaration of Class X results (AISSE) of the CBSE. To seek admission, an applicant should have a minimum of 275 marks in aggregate and 60% each in Science and Mathematics. Non CBSE applicants should have minimum of 75% marks each in science and mathematics. Transfer Certificate will be given only on the basis of a written application to be submitted at least a week in advance by the parent/guardian. However, if a letter regarding the urgency is produced from the school where the student is seeking admission, Transfer Certificate will be issued on the third day of application. It will be issued, however only to those who have fully settled their dues. The management of Chinmaya Vidyalaya has decided to collect the following fee from students who will take the T.C during the academic session.

First 7 working days - Fee for one month
Between 8th and 15th - 1 month Tuition fee and working day special fee
16th working onwards - Term fee & Special Fee

Examinations and Holidays
From Standard I to X, we follow the continuous and comprehensive evaluation system in accordance with the CBSE directions. There will be 4 Formative Assessment and2 Summative Assessments from std III to std Xl. For std XII, there will be 2 Mid Term Exams. 2 Terminal Exams, 2 Preboard Exams in addition to the Board Exam. Ordinarily, the session commences in the first week of June and ends on 31st March. There will be about a week's vacation each during Onam and Christmas, and two months summer vacation in April and May, besides other public holidays as notified. There will be regular classes in April/May for classes IX, X & XlI. Attendance is compulsory.

Rules of Promotion
The promotion of a student to the next higher standard depends on his/her overall performance during the entire session and his/her performance in the III Term Examinations. Since due credit is given to projects/oral work, assignments (written and orat), periodical tests, Ist Term, lind Term, and Illrd Term examinations, it is very essential that the student has taken all the tests and completes all assignments in time. If a student is absent for any of the above, he/she will forgo the marks allotted. Re-tests or reassignments will not be held

For a pass, from one standard to the next higher standard (standard V to IX and Xll) a student must get atleast 40% marks in each subject or the total performance as arrived at in the last column in the progress report.

From the academic year 2009-2010 onwards Grading based on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System is introduced as per directions from the CBSE. [For class Xl, there is separate minimum for theory as well as practicals. Eligibility for promotion is 40% in theory (28 marks) and 40% in practicals (12 marks). Students studying in standards V to IX & Xl must also get good grades in the work Experience (Computer Science), Physi-cai & Health Education and Art and General Education (Standard Xl only)].

Examination Reports and Results
Answer papers of all except that of IIIrd Term Examination will be given back within ten days of the examination. However, papers of Ist Term and lind Term Examinations will be given within 5 days of reopening after vacation. Parents are requested to watch out for this and contact the school authorities if the time limit is not kept up. When the answer sheets are distributed, a deadline is set for presenting any grievances for redressal. No change in marks of the answer sheets will be effected after the deadline.

No arrangement will be made for special tests/examinations for absentees before or after the time fixed for tests/examinations. An absentee will forgo the marks allotted to such test/examination. Students absent for examinations without grave reasons will not be considered for promotion.
Progress report will be shown to the parents after every examination on the Open Day. Parents are requested to go through the reports carefully and return them immediately, duly signed.

The results of the IIIrd Term Examination in respect of classes I to IX and Xl will be declared and put up on the School Notice Board in the first or second week of April.