Registred name of the school with address :

(Strictly as per Affiliation sanction Letter or as permitted by the Board)

E-mail            :
Ph.No.           :      0467-2204210
Fax No.         :      0467-2204210

Whether NOC from state/union teritory or recommendation of Embassy of India obtained? : Yes

Year of establishment of school  : 1978
NOC Number  : 40790/N3/90/GEdn
NOC issuing date  : 04-08-1990
(Issued by General Education(N) Department, Kerala)
Is the school is recognised, if yes by which Authority : Yes-CBSE
Status of affiliation ( Permanent/Regular/Provisional ) : Provisional
Affiliation No : 930082
Affiliation with the Board since : 1993
Extension of affiliation up to : 21-03-2018

Name of Trust/Society/Company : Chinmaya Mission Educational&Cultural Trust Kannur (Kanhangad Unit)
Registered under Section 25 of theCompany Act, 1956.Period up to which Registration of Trust/Society is valid.

List of members of school Managing Committee with their Address/tenure and post held :

Name and official address of the Manager/President/Chairman /Correspondent : V.Krishnan , Manager/Correspondent Chinmaya Vidyalaya,Athiyambur, Kanhangad.
E-mail : ----------------
Ph.No. : 9447855501
Fax No. : --------------

Area of school campus

In Acres : 2.54 Acres
In sq.mtrs : 10280
Built up area(sq.mtrs) : 1750
Area of playground in sq.mtrs: 2630

Other facilities
Swimming Pool : -
Indoor games : -
Dance Rooms : -
Gymnasium : -
Music Rooms : 1
Hostels : -
Health and Medical
Check up : 1

Details of fee structure
Pre-Nursery : -
Nursery : 6650/-per year
I toV : 10000/- ,,
VI to VIII : 12000/- ,,
IX & X : 15000/- ,,
XI & XII : 20000/- ,,

Transport facility

Own buses : 2 nos
Buses hired on contract basis : -
Details of transport charges: Up to 5Km 400/- Up to 10Km 600( per month)

Particulars of teaching staff
Details of salary being paid by the school to teaching staff/non-teaching staff.

Designation Scale of pay (basic) Grade Pay % of D.A HRA EPF contribution
NTTs 6000/- Increment being paid based  on 12% of salary
PRTs 10000/- length of service in addition  to 12% of salary
TGT/PGT 15000/- basic salary 12% of salary
Non Teaching 4500/-   12% of salary

Mode of payment of salary
Name of the Bank through which Salary is drawing : State Bank of India,Kanhangad
Through single cheque transfer advice : Yes
Individual cheque : ---
Cash : ----

Library facilities
Size of the Library in sq.feet : 440
No. of Periodicals : 04
No. of Dailies : 04
No. of Reference books class-wise : 980
No. of Magazine : 05
Others : 2935

Name of the Grievance/redressal Officer :
Ms.Prathibha Somasundaram
E-mail :
Ph.No. : 9447033022
Fax No. : -

Members of sexual Harassment Committee :
Ms.LissyAjith .

Class strength as on 20/06/2013

LKGA 15 14 29      
LKGB 15 14 29 58
UKGA 13 12 25      
UKGB 17 9 26 51
IA 19 14 33      
IB 19 13 32 65
IIA 22 9 31   
IIB 12 16 28 59
IIIA 22 13 35      
IIIB 17 12 29 64
IVA 21 16 37  
IVB 24 10 34 71
VA 16 13 29  
VB 19 8 27 56
VIA 14 16 30  
VIB 17 12 29 59
VIIA 26 13 39  
VIIB 24 15 39 78
VIIIA 15 16 31  
VIIIB 13 16 29 60
IXA 12 14 26  
IXB 15 8 23 49
XA 24 9 33  
XB 17 15 32 65
XI 8 3 11 11
XII 8 1 9 9
TOTAL 444 311 755 755
  Our School Building

Is located in a learner friendly environment, adjoining a shrine, the school provides a serene atmosphere to its students. Education encompasses both imparting and acquisition of knowledge, conduct and technical competency. Affiliated to the central Board of secondary Education, New Delhi, the Vidyalaya are governed by the educational cell of the Central Chinmaya Mission Trust. The curriculum designed in accordance with the Chinmaya Vision Programme, focuses on a holistic education with emphasis on personality development, Cultural ethos, patriotic fervour and a universal outlook. This is a full fledged Institution with a strength of 1000 students, 40 Teaching and 7 non teaching staff with 30 well furnished class rooms, library and reading rooms, well equipped multimedia computer lab and meeting halls.

Our Library

School is having an informative Library with lot of reference books and periodicals. Library periods are provided for in the time table and students of class III and above will be issued books from the library.Students should maintain a record of the extra readings done by them, in a separate note book. This will be scrutinized by the librarian.

Our Lab

School lab is well equipped with the necessary instruments and items as per the requirement for the students.

Our Transportation

Chinmaya Vidyalaya is having two TATA Marcopolo school buses for the convenience of the students to reach the school on time comfortably.

Section wise enrolment of school for the current session :

Class Enrolment

LKG - 58
UKG - 09
I - 12
II - 1
III - 2
IV - 3
V - 8
VI - 2
VII - 1
VIII - 5
X - 1
XI - 4
XII - 1

Academic session period : from June to March
Vacation period : from April to May
Admission period : from April to May


Sl no. Rooms Number Length(in ft.) Breadth(in ft.)
1 Biology Lab 1 45 20
2 Chemistry Lab 1 45 20
3 Class Room 28 20 20
4 Computer Science Lab  1 20 20
5 Library 1 22 20
6 Maths  Lab 1 20 15
7 Other Rooms 6 20 20
8 Physics Lab 1 45 20
9 Satsangh Hall 1 80 20


Slno Designation Number Trained UnTrained
1 Principal 1 1 0
2 NTTs 4 4 0
3 PRTs 16 16 0
4 TGTs 5 5 0
5 PGTs 5 5 0
6 HM 1 1 0
7 Librarian 1 1 0
8 PTI 1 1 0
9 Music 1 1 0
10 Drawing 1 1 0
11 Computer 2 2 0

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kanhangad
School Hours

L.K.G. to Xll  :       9-30 a.m to 4 p.m (Monday to Friday)
V to Xll          :      9-30 a.m to 1 p.m (Saturday)

(N.B.: Special classes may be held outside school hours with advance intimation. Occasionally, saturday afternoons will have special programmes, which will also be intimated in advance).

School Discipline

The following Rules of discipline are to be strictly followed.

1. The Vidyalaya Diary should be brought to the school everyday including examination days.

2. Students must be in the Vidyalaya premises 5 minutes before the first bell. Repeated late comers should not enter the class without the Principal's permission. They should also get the late attendance record in the school diary signed by their parents.

3. The Vidyalaya uniform, washed, and ironed, must be worn on all working days and at all Vidyalaya functions. If a student is not in the prescribed uniform, he/she may be fined/ sent home and the responsibility will lie with the parents. Students shall wear uniform on all formal occasions such as special classes and functions on holidays also.

4. Students shall speak only English in the Vidyalaya premises except in language classes. Defaulters are liable to be fined.

5. On meeting teachers/authorities for the first time in a day whether in the Vidyalaya or outside, students shall greet them, saying, 'HARI OM' with folded hands.

6. When a teacher/distinguished Visitor enters the class, students should stand up, greet him/her saying 'HARI OM' with folded hands and remain standing till the teacher/visitor takes his/her seat or asks them to sit down.

7.Gold Jewellery or any other ornaments like bangles, anklets, pearl chains etc. must not be brought to the vidyalaya. Unauthorised books, magazines, toys or such other articles are not to be brought to the Vidyalaya. Only students of Std. V and above can wear wrist watches.

8. Students are not allowed to meet parents or visitors or to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal.

9. Students are themselves responsible for the safety of their personal belongings like books, writing materials and lunch boxes.

10. Students are strictly forbidden to write or scribble on school walls or furniture or disfigure the class-rooms or damage any property. Parents/Guardians will have to compensate for any such damage done to school property by their wards. Moreover, disciplinary action may also be taken against them.

11. Parents are requested not to give any money to their children without specific purpose. They are also requested not to entrust the payment of fees to their wards.

12. Students having full day session should preferably bring lunch from home. In case they wish to buy it from outside, they should obtain permission from the Principal. They should not leave the school campus during the recess time without the prior permission from the Principal.


14. For going home for lunch and to go to the mosque on Fridays an application in duplicate should be submitted to the Principal in June.

15. Giving tips/gifts to the School Staff is against the rules of the Vidyalaya. 16. Every student must take part in school games and other activities unless declared physically unfit or exempted by the Principal. Weekly Balavihar classes are also compulsory for all students.

17. While going to/coming from the assembly, P.T. or any other classes, or to the hall, students should walk in line silently.

18. Ball point pens should not be used by students. Students upto Std. IV should use only pencil, and not pen. They should be regular in submitting home work assignments. Disciplinary action will be taken for failure to do so. Parents are requested to ensure regularity in submission of home-work by their wards.

19. A record of the addresses of parents/guardians is maintained in the Vidyalaya office. Any change of address or telephone number should be communicated to the Vidyalaya without delay.

20. The school reserves the right to dismiss a student on greunds of irregular attendance, habitual lack of leave application, disobedience to teachers, refusing to sing school prayers, national anthem and other prescribed songs and any kind of malpractice or objectionable behaviour or conduct, net in keeping with the good reputation and principles of the Vidyalaya, within the premises or elsewhere.

21. Parents are requested to co-operate in the school work tak-lng due interest in the progress of their children and enforc-lng regularity, punctuality and discipline. Parents should check the School Diary daily and ensure that the home work assigned is completed by the children. In addition, parents should sign for all remarks and information given in the Diary. If the Diary remark is not signed, the student is liable to be sent home.

22. Parents/guardians/escorts are not allowed to walk into any classrooms. They may leave their wards at the school gate/ verandah from where the Ayahs will escort them into the respective class (wherever necessary).

23. Parents who wish to seek information or make any representation should do so by meeting the President or the Principal, and net the Class Teacher.

24. Parents who wish to speak to the Class Teacher regarding the progress of their children shall do so only after school hours between 4-00 and 4-20 p.m. on working days, with the prior permission of the Principal.

25. No private tuition by the Vidyalaya staff will be permitted without the prior approval of the Management. Parents are requested not to approach teachers directly.

26. It is essential that all parents attend the Open Day whenever held. Failure to do so without sufficient reason will be treated as a lapse on the part of the parents in discharging their obligation.

27. Attendance/participation of all mothers in the Mothers' Day celebration is important.

28. Children are not permitted to sport "MEHANDI" beyond inside palm. TATTOOS are also forbidden. In the event of any violations, parents are liable to be summoned and the student concerned will be fined.

29. Students shall never bring MOBILE PHONES (Cell phones) Into the campus either on working days or holidays. Violators will be sternly dealt with and their cell phones will be confiscated and will not be returned. This is a strict order from the management to the students. Parents will please take note of this.

30. (i) A student whose birthday is to be celebrated may gift a new book/books to the school library and the book/ books so gifted will be kept in a separate 'Birthday Gift Almirah' In the library. (ii) He/She will be permitted to wear colour dress, it should be decent and modest in all respects. Violator's parents are liable to be summoned. (iii) He/She will be given a Birthday card and (iv) wished Happy Birthday by the Class/Assembly

31. Entrusting a child to the Vidyalaya implies that parents agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Vidyalaya. They are requested to see that their children also abide by these regulations.

32. All students should sing the school prayer and other prescribed songs and anthems.

33. Plastic carry bags, are prohibited on campus.

34. Identity Cards will be issued from the Vidyalaya. Students should wear the identity card on all working days and on other formal occasions including special class days, etc. Identity card should be worn from home till back home (i.e. right from the moment students leave home in the morning, till they get back home in the evening.)

Visitors are allowed to meet the Principal only after 4 O'clock on all working days except Saturday.

Leave of Absence

1. Leave of Absence is not granted except on written application provided in the School Diary, from parent or guardian. In case of long leave on grounds of illness a medical certificate will have to be produced along with a separate leave application.

2. Absentees shall produce the School Diary with the relevant columns of the leave record duly filled in and signed by the parent/guardian.

3. Students of classes X and XII should meet the Principal along with their parents on the day they come to the school after their absence.

4. Children will not be allowed to go home during class hours except in case of death in the family, casualty, reporting sick on the campus or such exigencies. Students and teachers are not allowed to exchange gifts or greeting cards, whatsoever.

5. A student absenting continuously without leave for more than 15 working days will be removed from the rolls. Re-admission will entail payment of a penalty of Rs.200/-

6. Students must be present in the school on the re-opening day. Absentees after any long holidays will have to produce Medical Certificate if such leave is not got sanctioned in advance.

7. No student suffering from contagious or infectious diseases will be allowed to attend the Vidyalaya. A student returning to school after suffering from such a disease should produce a fitness certificate from a regd. medical practitioner.


The following are the details of the uniform proposed for the various classes.


1. LKG & UKG

Frock-Blue and Grey one piece. No belt. Badge on left sleeve. Short, ankle length socks with one grey stripe. White ribbon or white hair band, Black shoes.
2. I-VI

a. Light Blue plain shirt and Grey undivided/divided skirt
- b. Belt
- c. Short ankle length socks with 1 grey stripe and black shoes
- d. Badge on left sleeve
- e. White ribbon/White hair band.

3. VII-XII- Salwar Kameez

- a. Light Blue with Grey Jacket Front, one piece Kameez
- b. Grey Salwar
- c. No belt
- d. Short ankle length socks with 1 grey stripe and black shoes
- e. Badge on left sleeve
- f. White ribbon/White hair band
1. LKG & UKG

Shirt and half trouser. Blue shirt with grey piping on sleeves and front pocket. Grey half trouser with flap over back pockets. White socks with one grey stripe Belt. Badge on the front pocket of shirt.
1. I-VI
- 1 .Shirt and Half Trouser
- a. Light Blue shirt with Grey piping on sleeves and front pocket
- b. Grey Half Trouser with single pleat and flap over back pockets and side pockets.
- c. Belt
- d. Badge on the shirt pocket
- e. Black school shoes with laces and plain white socks above ankle.
- 1. Light Blue shirt and Grey full Trousers
- a. Blue shirt with Grey piping on sleeves and front left pocket
- b. Grey full trousers with single pleat & flap over back pockets and side pockets belt.
- c. Belt
- d. Badge on the shirt pocket
- e. Black school shoes with laces and plain white socks above ankle.
The white uniform has to be stitched in the above patterns only, Students should wear white uniform with white canvas shoes on Wednesdays.
N.B. (a) Girls of all classes having long (shoulder-length or more) hair should plait it into two with white ribbons. If the hair is sufficiently long, the plaited hair must be folded and tied properly.
(b) During rainy season, including Wednesday, black, (single colour) rain proof sandals, should be used by all students of Classes I-XlI.
(c) For boys, banlan with half sleeves is a must from class I onwards, as and under garment.

Payment of Fees
Tuition fee is payable for 3 terms of 4 months each, i.e. June - September, October-January and February-May.
Payment of fees Is the responsibility of the'parent or guardian. The last date for payment of fees without fine will be the 15th of June, September and December. Those who do not pay the fees with a fine of Rs.20/. within 10 days after the due date ere liable to pay an additional cumulative fine of Rs.10/- per day thereafter, including holidays. However, such remittan~l will be entertained only fill the last working day of the month. FIIluTe to pay the fees by the last working day the month will IMId to removal of the student Re-admission tlUlilllftlr will entail payment of Rs.200/-


Students joining or leaving the school in the middle of a term will have to pay the fees for the whole term. (A(so read admissions & withdrawals Rules under (V).

Mode of Payment
All fees will be collected at the school fee counter up to 1.00 p.m. during working days except Saturday; on Saturdays co((ec-tion will be upto 11.30 a.m. only.

The fee structure will be notified separately.

Parental Counselling
The School arranges a counselling session for parents at least once or twice in a year. Eminent counsellors will be arranged for this purpose, The attendance of parents at the counselling session is compulsory.

N.B: The Management reserves the right to amend, modify or add to any of these rules and regulations of the Vidyalaya from time to time.

(For morning assembly)

Om sahanaavavatu saha nou bhunaktu
Saha veeryam karavaavahai
Tejasvinaavad heetamastu
Maa vidvishaavahai;
Om saanthi saanthi saanthi
May He protect us both. May He guard us both. May we do the work with energy. May our study be luminous. May we not hate each other.
Om Peace ! Peace ! Om Peace !
Om tatsat sreenaaraayana too
Purushottama guru too
Siddha buddha too skanda vinaayaka Savitaapaavaka too
Brahmamantra too yahova saakshi too Eesupitaa prabhu too
Rudravishnu too Ramakrishna too Raheema taao too
Vaasudeva too vishwaroopa too Chidaananda had too
Adviteeya too kaalanirbhaya Aatmalinga siva too
Om tatsat sree Naaraayana too Purushottama guru too.

(For class commencement-daily) Saraswati namastubhyam
Varade kaamaroopini
Vidyaarambham karishyaami
Siddhirbhavatu me sadaa.
(With salutations unto Saraswati who is of the most pleasing form, the Goddess of learning, the bestower of boons, I begin my lessons today. May She confer on me Her choicest blessings to enable me to have greater and greater accomplishments in life).

(For evening assembly)
Om poornamadah poornamidam
Poornad Poornamudachyate
Poornasya Poornamaadaaya
Om saanthihi saanthihi saanthihi

That is full; This is Full. From the Full, the Full does proceed. Withdrawing the Full from the Full, the Full alone still remains.
Om ! Peace ! Peace ! Peace

Asathoma sathgamaya
Thamasoma jyothirgamaya
Mrithyoma amritam gamaya
Om Shantih shantih shantih

Bhaarat maa ke laal hum
Ek raag gaayenge
Tan anek praan ek
Bhaav ek gaayenge

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, laayega naveenata
Chinmaya Vidyalaya, laayega ekta
Karm dharm prem ki jyot ko jalaayenge
Vinamrata manushyata sahishnuta sikhaayenge
Roodi reeti neeti aur moodata mitaayenge
Sumadhur swarg saa sabhyata banaayenge
Chinmaya Vidyalaya .............
Bhakti jnaan shraddha ke mahatv ko bataayenge Vidyut gati se hum parivartan iaayenge.
Sarva kashem ke swarna beej ko hum boyenge
Vasudaiva kutumbakam ki bhaavana phailaayenge
Muskuraate raho sadaa cchand ko hum gaayenge
Bhaarateeya sanskriti ko khoob hum sajaayenge.
Chinmaya Vidyalaya .
O dear friend ! May this birthday
be auspicious and bring joy to you forever
Indeed, we all pray for your long life May the Lord always protect you.
By noble deeds, may you attain fame and may your life be fulfilled.